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One of the most amazing aspects of our world is that you can maximize your monthly income by living in places where the dollar stretches further. As difficult as it may be to believe, there are plenty of places on our beautiful planet where you can live like a king for under $1000.

Sure, there are other things that you need to take into account, but at the end of the day, you’ll be able to save money and have a little extra for the luxuries in life if you decide to spend time in one of the locations that we’ve listed here.


India is famous for being a cultural hot-spot and one of the least expensive places to live in the world. When you throw in the fact that Indian food is delicious and that this massive country is home to some of the best beaches in the world, you have a truly magical place.

You can travel quickly and cheaply within the country by rail or air, and it’s easy to experience everything from the breathtaking northern mountains of India to the sandy shores of Goa within the matter of a few months. Those who love cities will want to spend time in Mumbai and New Dehli. There are also important architectural and historic sites in India, specifically the Taj Mahal.

There are some downsides to this economically viable and lovely country. Sometimes the WiFi can be spotty, and traveling can pose challenges for those who aren’t used to the chaotic vibe of India. Still, it’s an excellent country to visit where you won’t spend more than $800 a month at most.


Mexico is another large country very close to the United States, where you can get the best of the beach and not have to break the bank to do it. Many remote workers, or digital nomads, have discovered how incredible Mexico is for both traveling and working.

You can easily find apartments for well under $500 a month, and hostels can be had for just about $10 a night. Mexico is known for its tremendous hospitality, great food, and host of historically relevant places. Anyone who is looking for a multi-faceted place to spend a few months should check out Mexico. Whether you love big cities, beaches, mountains or historically relevant places, you’ll find what you are looking for in Mexico.

There are some places in Mexico that are considered dangerous, so it’s advisable to check with the U.S. State Department before settling into a region. Generally speaking, the more coastal areas are better for tourists. You can enroll in STEP, the State Department’s program aimed at keeping U.S. ex-pats overseas safe. Speaking with the locals is another excellent way to get information on the safety of an area. Generally, they will not steer you wrong.


Thailand is notoriously hospitable to remote workers and digital nomads. Many of the larger cities have great WiFi, comprehensive co-working spaces and plenty of affordable, private accommodations so you can work and play while you are in this gorgeous tropical country.

Thailand also has a wonderful landscape that offers just about anything that you could want. In addition to the beautiful temples that dot the cities and rural areas, there are also mountains, beautiful beaches, and plenty of rainforests to explore. Thailand is home to some of Southeast Asia’s most interesting animals, and you can visit them all in sanctuaries all over the country. Ultimately, one of the best things that Thailand has to offer is cheap and plentiful food.

This Southeast Asian country has some of the freshest fruit in the world, and you can get a mango smoothie or a bowl of papaya for less than $1 in most places. Additionally, Thai street food is certainly something to write home about. From decadent noodle soups to fresh salads, Thai food is outstanding, fresh and very economical.

This country is so popular that many people make Thailand their home for several months at a time. You can certainly live comfortably here for about $800 a month.


There’s an unfair stigma surrounding certain parts of Colombia, especially the north, but it’s largely unwarranted. Although Colombia has had its fair share of problems, this South American country is now one of the greatest travel hot-spots in the world. There are plenty of reasons to love Colombia, including its great weather, tons of outdoor activities, exceptional WiFi, and the cost of living.

Medellin, which used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, is now looked at as being a mecca for digital nomads because of its perpetually temperate weather and excellent WiFi speeds. Medellin is situated in the beautiful Andes mountains and has a world-class city sophistication about it. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and museums in Medellin. Plus, the pastoral town of Guadape is only a few hours from Medellin. If you get sick of the city, it’s easy to head north by bus.

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and another phenomenal metropolis that is popular with visitors from all over the world. Not only do people love Bogota for the culture and food, but it’s also centrally located and a great jumping-off point for places like Leticia in the Amazon. You can fly easily around Colombia for a song, so it’s easy to hop on an international flight in Bogota’s El Dorado Airport and land in your destination a few hours later. On the Carribean side, you’ll find Cartagena, Colombia’s jewel city to the north. Cartagena is a great place to chill out and enjoy the beach.

You really won’t spend more than about $900 in Colombia, even if you decide to do tourist activities or take more expensive buses.

There are many places all over the world where you can live comfortably for $1000 or less a month. Why not try one of these ones on for size, and experience living in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank.

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